#Excuses and #negative #self #talk are common problems which usually stops us from achieving our dreams. Go thru the below list of most common 20 #excuses or #self #talks people make consciously or unconsciously. If you are dreaming high but not able to achieve, may be you are using one or more of the below #excuses.

And if it’s true, stop making such excuses. And if your friends, relatives, colleagues and family members are making such excuses, help them overcome. (Because you love them, right? And you want them to achieve their dreams!)

Most Important :- Once you consciously become aware about your Excuses and Negative self talk, you can dramatically improve!!


1. I’m too old to start.

2. I’m not talented enough.

3. I wasn’t born in the right area.

4. I come from a poor background.

5. I’m not smart enough.

6. I don’t have the support.

7. I don’t have enough time to discover what I like.

8. My family and friends don’t think I’m capable.

9. I don’t know if I will succeed.

10. I’ve already dedicated myself to a different path.

11. I’m just not lucky enough.

12. I didn’t have the right coach.

13. I’m not destined to succeed.

14. I’m not motivated enough.

15. I’m too easily distracted by other things.

16. I’m not educated enough.

17. I can’t handle failure.

18. I will start tomorrow.

19. I’m not ready.

20. I don’t believe I can do it.

Now, stop making excuses that keep you from reaching your dreams. Transform yourself and prosper!

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