If you are about to Give Up on something because you are not able to Succeed, read this once…

Every Champion was once a Beginner!

There is no way or strategy which guarantees you to success. Always remember, that you are here for Marathon and not to run a 100 metre Sprint. You are here for long term. So, don’t get diverted or distracted by small obstacles, challenges & failure.

When you fail, you learn.
When you face obstacles, you get strength.
When you find challenges, you become sharp.

Remember, when you tried to learn a bicycle for the first time, how many times you fell down? Did you stop learning to ride the bicycle? No. You never bothered about falling down. You didn’t care about your scratches. You ignored who saw you falling down and laughed at you. You just kept on learning the bicycle. And, finally you learnt!

Now, tell me what do you derive from above experience? Moral of the story?

Tell me why you continued learning bicycle even after continuous failure?

Just one word answer!

This one word inspired you.
This one word made you stronger.
This one word kept you motivated.
This one word helped you to learn inspite of series of failures.

And only this one word helped you to keep yourself away from any frustration or negativity which normally arises out of continuous failure.

Want to know this one small yet powerful WORD?


Try and remember, how much EXCITED you were when you first tried to learn a bicycle?

Your EXCITEMENT was so high and so powerful that it did not let you GIVE UP.

Not only this but your EXCITEMENT become greater and greater every time you failed!

Keet that kind of EXCITEMENT always whenever you face the failure. And trust me, you will try one more time!

And this time, you will try with more learning, more strength, more energy and more conviction to get Success!

Remember that every Champion has failed more times than a Beginner.

Try One More Time…
Don’t Give Up….

You Only Live Once – Y.O.L.O.

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