Prashant Kanade is a dynamic leader himself, full of enthusiasm, self-confident, and self-made man.

He is independent in his field of training and coaching and has trained more than 10000 people.

He not only demonstrates Sales & Leadership skills but also transforms the same in to the participants by way of asking relevant questions, engagement activities and lot of real life examples. His identity of being simple, creative and yet being unique have played major role in bringing change in people’s life. His interest in reading, writing, travelling, music, photography and creativity reflects in designing new training courses that can help people reach higher standards in personal as well as professional life.

Prashant Kanade is also associated with India’s Most Trusted Brand, TATA AIA Life Insurance Company as a Business Leader and is engaged in helping people to leave their high pressured job and start their dream freedom business. He has discovered the proven pathway where one can leave his 9 to 6 high pressured job and start his own business by following the simple yet powerful formula and systems. He strongly believes in working with systems and formulas. He believes that People fail but Systems and processes never! His Freedom Business Model has helped many people leave their job and grow their incomes 3 times to even 10 times!

His purpose is to encourage people to live courageously and stress-free life by capability development.

At TATA AIA Life, he is constantly and consciously putting efforts to empower his team by imparting customized and innovative training and coaching sessions. His teammates and colleagues have been able to transform their lives and now living purposefully, courageously and with complete freedom.

he encourages building Personal Brand for small entrepreneurs as the believes that “People buy from whom they like and trust” Imroving Personal Brand helps you sell more by creating more value. His expertise in developing Personal Brands has helped him and his teamates to attract more customers and expand the sales territory.

He brings with him rich experience of 15 years in Sales and Leadership Development. He believes that every individual has tremendous potential to grow in life but only a few can get the opportunity to demonstrate their inner strength and potential due to the lack of proper guidance, training and knowledge. His passion is to work with such people who want to achieve extra-ordinary in their career, business, profession or personal life.

He has transformed many people’s lives for their betterment, success and growth & happiness. He has touched their hearts with his humble attitude & behaviour. He independently organises Seminars, Workshops and Motivational programs. He has expertise over Sales and Leadership Development and trained the leaders of various Corporate Organizations and Institutes like, L&T, ICICI Prudential, ICICI Bank, LIC, TATA AIA Life, Reliance, Essar, Uka Tarsadia University, G D Goenka International School, L P Savani School, and many more.

His specialty is to motivate people and create leadership skills in them, to train people in unique way through his vast experience and unique strategies.


He believes that purposefully doing the little things with excellence, while following a solid plan, gets excellent results in the long run.

Growth & Learning

He is committed to continuous learning. He always have more to learn for improvement thrive.


He inspires living courageously by helping you to follow the life path with least resistance and fear.


Regardless of your past mistakes and failings, there’s always hope for a tremendous and bright future.

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