You hear it everywhere you go:
Sales are down because of the current pandemic situation & economy slowdown.

My customers simply aren’t buying as much.
My customers aren’t picking up my calls.
I am not able to engage my customers.
Buying your product is not in my priority list.

But, I firmly believe that all these excuses or objections are irrelevant or not important because customers will say what they want to say. Most important thing here is what’s going on in your own head! That matters the most. While it’s true that what goes on in your brain is always more important than outside circumstances, the economy is still what’s affecting many businesses & people. If yours is one of them, put the following seven Tips into practice and you’ll find that the effect on you will be minimal, and in fact, you may notice no change or even a positive one.

Tip #1—Don’t let the economy be your excuse.

Set the right Mindset for yourself. Economy and other factors may pull you down but if you have the right Mindset, you will sustain and prosper. Facing repeated rejections in a day or some difficult sales calls, it’s easy to use the economy as an excuse. And if feel and believe the same, people will feel it and hear it in your voice and ultimately you’ll sell less. This attitude also leads to working less and putting less efforts. This attitude will lower your self-esteem and morale. In a down economy, when salespeople should be increasing their calls and activity level, the average salesperson cuts calls by 43%. If such is the case, what is an alternative? The answer is, use the down economy as a warning signal and motivation to work harder and smarter, not as an excuse to pull back.
If you pull back, business will go down; if you work harder and smarter, business will improve. As the saying goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Tip # 2—Get better & bigger at Selling.

Today, in such pandemic situation, when there are lesser sales opportunities and prospects, you must do better with the ones (clients) you have. The way to do this is to get better at selling. Read books, join online course, attend webinars, watch videos, become a sponge and absorb everything you can get your hands on to sharpen your skills. Using this strategy has helped me and many salespeople like you to improve on their abilities, Mindset and skills where they actually sold more in a so-called down economy than they sold when times were good. Trust me, “Nothing is permanent!” Hence, this pandemic situation also going to end someday. That day onwards, life will begin. Don’t put yourself in a guilt of not using this golden opportunity to improve upon your skills and abilities.

Remember – “Your biggest asset is not your wealth, property, case, gold, land, jewelry or any physical stock but it’s your EARNING ABILITY!

Now is the time to improve your skills and abilities; constant and consistent learning is the best way to grow your sales.

Tip # 3—Keep a good Attitude.

Your attitude is your most important resource in your sales profession. You have to keep it sharp and use frequently. Make it your plus point. Your Attitude is your Strength. This is not the time to read the front page of every newspaper and watch every newscast. Our brains are like computers “Garbage in, garbage out.” What happens in outer world is less important than what happens in your inner world! What you should be doing is putting as many good ideas as possible into your brain. Pick up anything that is inspirational, motivational, positive, and upbeat and use it to keep a good attitude and stay focused. Be positive and persistent. In addition to putting good ideas into your brain, surround yourself with positive people and stay away from negative people.

Tip # 4—Shift your Focus from Price to Value Proposition

When Economy is under crisis and there is level of uncertainty increases, people start focusing more on Price. Their taste, choice and preference changes dramatically. They move faster from luxury and pleasure products to necessary products. Your clients are focused on price more than ever these days. Prospects and customers will do everything they can to expect a lower price. Thus it is very important that you build value. What are your primary benefits? What value can your product or service can provide to your clients. How are you, your company, and your product better than the competition? Are you local; is your long-term cost less, can you respond to service calls faster?

Remember: When the Value exceeds Price – the Deal gets closed!

You need to highlight your primary benefits, make them as powerful as possible, and provide proof thru testimonials. Finally, come up with some solid responses to the price objection.

Tip # 5—Build relationships.

In crisis times, your major time should be spent on engaging your existing customers. The relationship with the salesperson is the number-one reason people give for doing business with a particular company. Relationships are extremely important, in most cases more than anything else, so you need to focus on not only staying in touch with and keeping your name in front of customers and prospects, but also on taking that next step and building solid relationships. Here, you can share some vital information on your products, about the industry, the impact on such situation on the life of your ideal customers etc.

Tip # 6—Remember, you are completely responsible for your success.

Five years from now you and your career will arrive somewhere, the question is: where? If you decide that something outside of you, such as the economy, is responsible for your success or failure, you give away control of your destiny and your ultimate success. The way to change that is to remember that your success is up to you; you own it, and you control it. When you have solid goals and strong enough reasons why you need to get somewhere, you will arrive where you decide to arrive, regardless of the economy, or anything else for that matter. Reminding yourself that you are 100% responsible for your success keeps your success under your control and within reach.

If you put the above tips to work, you will see an improvement in your sales and business, perhaps a significant one. Many people have found that as a result of the above tips they are doing more business now than they were when the economy was good. What are you capable of if you really set your mind to it and get to work?

The sky is the limit, so stay positive, work hard, work smart, and dream big!

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