1Certified Corporate Trainer
2Sales And Leadership Coach
3Speaker And Author
4Sr. Business Leader with TATA AIA Life
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Prashant Kanade

Prashant Kanade is a dynamic leader himself, full of enthusiasm, self-confident, and self-made man.

He is independent in his field of training and coaching and has trained more than 10000 people. potenzmittel apotheke

His specialty is to motivate people and create leadership skills in them, to train people in unique way through his vast experience and unique strategies.


Years of Experience


Seminars & Workshops Organized


People Trained


Courageously influencing people to become successful Entrepreneurs by finding transformational clarity and thrive and help them build their strong personal brand.


To be an Inspirational Leader & Coach by helping people to Plan and Create their Legacy where they can transform their Dreams into Reality.


Spreading Hope, Happiness and Wealth through Coaching, Counselling and Capability Development projects.

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